How Have We Fared In The Interlull?

We all know how boring it can get when international break is in full swing. No matches for club sides, heart in mouth and hands on the keyboard for any update of that one or two players in your team (on duty with their national teams) you don’t want injured.

Well for me who is an Arsenal fan, we are one or two players away from a full blown injury crisis. November has always been our “jinx” month, hence the heightened apprehension this period.

All in all we fared pretty well considering we lost Alexis Sanchez to injury and had him back again. That was a great victory, more like rising from the dead. And did he bang in the goals immediately? A brace against Uruguay  with no sign of the injury at all. We can only wish he can replicate that form against the Man.ure *coughs* on Saturday.

Losing Santi cazorla to injury before the break was bad enough as we lost a bit of our craft and directness in the final third, which the ambidextrous cazorla brings to the team. Hence I will count November not so jinxed this time if we can avoid any other injury from now now till the end of this month, and if we can get results starting with the Red devils this coming weekend.

I will be glad to see the back of November with Arsenal still within the top 2 or 3 of the league just as I am glad to see the back of interlull.. at least for 2016.

So with only Bellerin out with injury from this November interlull, I would say we fared well compared to other years. Bring on the premier league weekend!!!


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