What Arsenal Should Expect At Old Trafford.

The rivalry between Man Utd and Arsenal is well documented. It could be the third most anticipated matches for Utd fans, only behind Man City and Liverpool. For the gooners, it could well be the second just behind NLD with the Spurs; therefore the footballing world is in for a treat come this Saturday at the theatre of dreams. 

Recent history suggests that Arsenal have had a rather forgettable run at old Trafford-including the 8-1 drubbing of an injury ravaged Arsenal side on the 28th November 2008. I can count on my fingers how many good results the gunners have had there in the last 15 years. The only positive in the last 5 years being the FA cup quarter final win on 9th March 2015 when a Nacho Monreal and Welbeck’s goals secured a 2-1 win over the Red devils.

It must be noted that United started this season as one of the teams to be feared, having negotiated some mind blowing deals; first for the special one, then for some key areas in the team; a striker with ruthless reputation from ligue 1, a silent but aggressive defender from la liga and the world costliest footballer from Seria A. However, the season has not gone exactly well for them so far as their position on the league table is not exactly where they would have thought they would be after a third of the season played. 

Recently, United started showing heart and what will be taken as passion reminiscent of them on the pitch just before the international break and they will want to use this Arsenal match to send a message of intent to the rest of the league that they are back in business.

Arsenal do have their woes though as every gooner would agree that November is a “jinxed” month for them. It’s a month you expect lacklustre performances and a lot of injuries. But so far so good? We have avoided a near collision with Alexis Sanchez with what would be termed rising from the dead. He sat out Chile’s goalless draw with Colombia because of a suspected muscular problem but recovered in time to score a brace against Uruguay in their next qualifier. Relief for Arsene. The only major absentees being santi and Bellerin.

Arsenal should expect an ambitious United side who can cause an upset despite their recent woes. On paper, the gunners have the advantage. Their league form is impeccable. But I won’t be too confident about us taking the 3 points unless the team approached the game with the same focus, efficiency  and grit with which they played Chelsea at the Emirate stadium a while ago. Only such performance can hurt United.

I hope the team are up for it, as a win at old Trafford will further enhance our belief that this team can last the distance and bring back the Premier league crown to the Red divide of North London. COYG!!


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