This Would Represent Two Points Lost For Arsenal?

Chamberlain celebrates his assist to Giroud for the equalizing goal at old Trafford-89′

More was expected of the Arsenal team at old Trafford this afternoon, but we saw a non interested Arsenal team show up. If not for a rare Oxlade Chamberlain’s charging run down the right flank in the tail end of the match saw Giroud leap high to score a goal that ensured the two team shared the spoil.

I have always said that no other partnership with the current crop of players is anywhere as close as the partnership of Coquelin/Cazorla in the middle of the park. The former focuses on the loose balls to sweep out and the latter brings in a creativity that is worthy of the name “deep lying playmaker”. They give the whole team a platform to perform better. Side ways passes from El neny can never suffix for the wizardry of the Spanish magician (Cazorla). The team never got going through out the 90 minutes…and one attempt on target from Arsenal says it all.

More woes was heaped on the team with the installation of the “welsh Messi” on the left flank of our attack. To be fair, even the real Lionel Messi hardly start predominantly on the left of midfield for Barcelona. Our attack had little option but to be as  blunt as a 1980 rust blade. I really don’t know what tactical ingenuity that was-from Wenger I mean. Whatever his reason was, Ramsey was very poor for 90 minutes. 

The goal we conceded was so soft hat even the commentator Champeon noted it elaborately. Every of Arsenal midfield players were off duty at that point; El neny, Coquelin, Ramsey and Mesut were all culprits. Surely this was not the performance the team gave against Chelsea earlier on. I strongly believe that something within the intensity and commitment Arsenal players offered that day would have gotten us a win at old Trafford.

Well play to United players as they totally gave everything against Arsenal today. However, I will see this match more as two vital points lost than as one point won. We hoped for a win, but scrapped through to a draw; 2 points lost alright.


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