Wenger Defends His Old Trafford Selection.

Giroud celebrates his late equaliser against United at old Trafford on saturday. (Arsenal.com)

 “I knew it would be a bit more of a physical battle so I chose players who have experience and fight,”  Wenger told Arsenal.com.

I agree with Wenger on his selection. That team was capable of beating United in their backyard, however they let the big man down yet again. Putting Ramsey at the left of midfield, starting two defensive midfielders was enough to seal off our midfield against a United midfield that had Michael Carrick. They should have run them ragged with long bursting midfield showings. 

If finness and craftsmanship failed, what stopped grit and pragmatism from prevailing? The players should search their soul and regroup. Run more, be a bit more decisive, be ambitious and take your chance once they present themselves. Those are the hallmarks for a title winning team.

Well, just as the boss said before the international break; “if you can’t win, at least don’t lose”. I believe that is a new mentality he’s instilling into them. 2 years back, Arsenal would have conceded a second goal at old Trafford that would put the match beyond them for real. But they fared well even when not playing so well with a United team that was buoyed by their home crowd. If the team can maintain this new found spirit of holding on a bit longer when the chips are down, we might just surprise everybody come May. 

Wenger is usually right in most of his decisions and does not need to defend his team selection. It’s down to the players to repay the trust he has put in them by giving a worthy performance. This is to Tuesday night against PSG at the Emirates stadium. Let’s hope we get back to winning ways and confirm our lead status in the champions league group stage. 

-Fair Play Gooner.


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