European Success Will Not Be A Picnic.

Fans and critics alike are up slabbing off Arsenal for a potential 2nd place UCL group stage finish in this year’s competition after a 2-2 draw at the Emirates stadium with PSG gave the visitors a slight advantage over Arsenal. Inasmuch as I didn’t like the draw one bit, I must admit that it was far from a soft match. PSG are a team with artists and specialists in almost every position, making them a very difficult opponents to play against. It doesn’t mean they are unbeatable, far from it, but they are no pushover either.

What I have come to realise is that Arsenal is very marketable; write anything sensational about them and it goes viral like wildfire, hence the media won’t stop looking for any crap that will get them cheap attention. In this group, we haven’t lost a single game. We have outscored PSG as at match day 5; and if not for the stupid away goal rules, we are on top. So what’s the big deal?

“Sometimes you go through spells when you win a bit less..”

“…we have a special strength in the squad, a consistency in results, we are unbeaten in 18 games..”

..but we have to continue without losing and transform draws into wins.” -Arsène Wenger

Spurs crashed out the other day from a shitty group and it was no news. 

Now their argument is that as usual, Arsenal would be paired with a group topping team in the knock out round, hence won’t progress. It is pure fallacy and very unreasonable. Please don’t say that to them because they will tell you Arsenal haven’t progressed from knockout round for 6 consecutive years. Well wait until we fail to progress this year before sending us all to hell. This competition is meant to be the gathering of elites, of competitive teams who relish challenges; not some glory hunters who want to stroll to the final and play a team as wonderful as Hull City. In every competition, one has to beat the best to be the champion. Istanbul 2005 should come to mind.

This season’s champions league should be a true marker on how much the ARSENAL team have progressed. I am in no way saying we shall win it as we are far from the favourites, but that should not stop us from being ambitious. I am a strong believer of this team. Arsenal are capable of producing  special moments. Who knows, we could clinch our first UEFA Champions league trophy with this new found fighting spirit we produce in patches. To all you Arsenal fans who are worried that we might not finish as group leaders; know what you wish for! The very teams you dread might finish 2nd in their various groups. Believe in your team and fear no opponent because; European success will never be a picnic! To a very good season in Europe! Cheers.

-Fair Play Gooner


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